A rich terroir…

At Duchesse des Glaces, we work by hand with local, fresh and high-quality products. Cow’s milk from the Brown breed, naturally rich in proteins, is highly digestible. Fruits are carefully selected to reveal their powerful aromas

Unique skills

We devise our recipes in our laboratory in Côte d’Or, following the rules of our craft: mixing (or blending), simmering, cooling down. Our ice creams are easily identified by their light colors, close to the natural color of the product.

Exceptional ice cream…

Our greatest motivation: offering an affordable range of ice creams rich in gustatory emotions. The quality of our ingredients along with our ice cream making process give our products their exceptional flavor.


Three packaging sizes are available: (2.5L containers, 100ml tubs or 450ml pints) but they can also be customized (size, flavors, layout).