Duchesse des Glaces, which is located in Bourgogne- Franche Comté, goes beyond borders to offer you its French ice cream range …
To better meet your needs, we pay special attention and adapt to the regulations of each country regarding processes, standards and restrictions.
Our experience in transport has made us attentive and allowed us to set up specifications and a road map. To meet the HACCP standards, maintain the cold chain and respect traceability, we are being followed by the company SCL QUALITE ( Stéphanie CHEVALIER-LOPEZ, Meilleur Ouvrier de France – Distinguished for her finest craftsmanship in France).
Below are a few lines about the main steps in the production and supply chain :

"One of the Meilleurs ouvriers de France" (one of the Finest Workers/Craftsmen in France)

Advice and expertise in food safety
Founder and Manager of SCL Qualité

SCL Qualité, represented by Stéphanie Chevalier Lopez, Quality Engineer and Meilleur Ouvrier de France
Food Safety and Food Hygiene Consultant, specialized in the catering trade, accompanies the company Duchesse des Glaces, in the implementation of quality measures and the update of its health control plan.
We attest, as consulting center, that the company Duchesse des Glaces has a consistent health control plan based on the principles of the HACCP method and that it is regularly updated. 


Our wish is to continuously develop and improve quality within our company, in response to our customers’ demands and veterinary services’ requirements.

Our company aims to:
- Satisfy our customers by ensuring consumer safety and complying with current regulations
- Operate modern production tools while respecting traditions
- Favor local distribution networks
- Improve and apply the HACCP rules on our site
- Train our staff about hygiene
- Continuously improve product quality and traceability